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Getting that perfect shot

I am a photo fanatic.  I love taking pictures of anything and having my picture taken.  Which means when we are traveling I spend a lot of time using my 10-second delay feature to get pictures with Wolfy and I both.  Using this technique I have had great success, but have always been limited.  The picture had to be set up in such a way that the camera could be sitting on the ground or on something that the land provided us.

Not anymore!  I bought a Joby Gorillapod the other day.  It has to be the best $15 I have ever spent. 

The camera attaches to it and then you have the freedom of the three (very bendable) legs to place your camera anywhere you can imagine.  It enabled us to capture some great pictures today without worrying about the camera falling to its death.  It can also be used as a great little tri-pod to steady your hand.

The only regret I have about this one is not buying it the first time I saw it months ago.


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Do I hear $58,000?

We just got back from making an offer on what will hopefully become our first place!!!

The house is listed at $64,900 and we are offering $58,000 and asking that the seller pays closing costs.  While that would be amazing we really don’t think she will agree to all that.  After watching hours of Property Virgins and shows like that we know it is better to start a little lower and work our way up.  Either way the contract says we should know by Wednesday.

We also learned a little bit more about the seller.  She is out in California and evidently a little over her head in debt.  If she doesn’t sell the property soon it is going to become a short sell.  Everyone wants to avoid that. 

In case you don’t know, a short sell is done though the bank not a person, which means they lack a sense of urgency.  Instead of taking the normal 30 days to close it can take anywhere from 60 to 90 days or even more.  That makes us hopeful that the seller will accept out offer. 

We also ran into something else we knew nothing about before today, earnest money.  We were required to give them a check for $250 to prove that we were, well, earnestly interested in this property.  Basically, the money goes in escrow and if we back out or we were unable to secure financing they (I’m not sure if this is the seller or the real estate office) get to keep it.  However, if we back out for reasons dealing with the home inspection or we are not able to come to agreement with the seller we get the money back.  If (hopefully when) the deal goes through this sum will come off our closing costs.   


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Nothing like a fresh bouquet

We went out to visit my parents for a little while yesterday and like always brought home some loot.  This time my mom and I raided her garden for a flower arrangement to add some life and color inside my otherwise beige rental.  I love having fresh flowers in the house, it makes the kitchen/living room seem so much more inviting and homey.  Here are some pictures of the arrangement:


And then… CATASTROPHE!  My jury rigged photo studio collapsed.  In hindsight I should have seen this coming.  The studio was nothing but a baby gate leaning against the back of a chair with a white piece of fabric draped over it.  That in itself might have been okay, but I was taking pictures in my driveway, my driveway that has a nice slant to it.

But most of the flowers were okay.  The bigger Asiatic and Tango lilies were beyond repair but everything else (even the vase) survived.  Now the arrangement looked completely different, so after giving the flowers a drink and moving to the grass I caught a few more pictures.


I love how there are four completely different sides.  No matter what room or angle you see it from you see a different set of flowers.

So where do you get your fresh flowers from?  Do you like a vase overflowing with different types of flowers or do you like to keep it more controlled with only one or two types?

xoxo – Manda

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Hello out there is blog-land!  This is our first post on here (as you can see) and you should be seeing more of us.  Why would you want to?  We are buying a house that’s why!  The news came in yesterday while we were at work that we were pre-approved for our loan.  We are starting to negotiate today and we want to share our experience with you!

Everything from making an offer, the home inspection, to moving in, and remodeling, we want you to be along for the ride. 

And with no further ado the stars of this blog…

The House – built in 1871, it has a lot to offer.  It includes three living spaces… yes three!  A main floor that has a full unfinished basement and two car garage, a second floor that is a one bedroom apartment, and a one bedroom above the garage.  We have lots of plans for it including (but not limited to) ripping up all the carpet to expose the hardwoods underneath, kitchen renos, moving a few pesky walls, and converting part of the basement into another apartment.

Wolfy & Manda – the soon to be owners, this young couple is trying to start a strong foundation for their future.  The wedding is in October but hope to be in their own home to make some extra cash to pay her off in a few years.  They are theater geeks and HGTV junkies.  Wolfy has a background in construction, roofing, plumbing, and finishing work which should come in handy.  Manda spent her late teen years in a home that her parents decided to completely remodel so she isn’t afraid to grab a hammer to knock down walls.