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Hello out there is blog-land!  This is our first post on here (as you can see) and you should be seeing more of us.  Why would you want to?  We are buying a house that’s why!  The news came in yesterday while we were at work that we were pre-approved for our loan.  We are starting to negotiate today and we want to share our experience with you!

Everything from making an offer, the home inspection, to moving in, and remodeling, we want you to be along for the ride. 

And with no further ado the stars of this blog…

The House – built in 1871, it has a lot to offer.  It includes three living spaces… yes three!  A main floor that has a full unfinished basement and two car garage, a second floor that is a one bedroom apartment, and a one bedroom above the garage.  We have lots of plans for it including (but not limited to) ripping up all the carpet to expose the hardwoods underneath, kitchen renos, moving a few pesky walls, and converting part of the basement into another apartment.

Wolfy & Manda – the soon to be owners, this young couple is trying to start a strong foundation for their future.  The wedding is in October but hope to be in their own home to make some extra cash to pay her off in a few years.  They are theater geeks and HGTV junkies.  Wolfy has a background in construction, roofing, plumbing, and finishing work which should come in handy.  Manda spent her late teen years in a home that her parents decided to completely remodel so she isn’t afraid to grab a hammer to knock down walls.


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