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Nothing like a fresh bouquet

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We went out to visit my parents for a little while yesterday and like always brought home some loot.  This time my mom and I raided her garden for a flower arrangement to add some life and color inside my otherwise beige rental.  I love having fresh flowers in the house, it makes the kitchen/living room seem so much more inviting and homey.  Here are some pictures of the arrangement:


And then… CATASTROPHE!  My jury rigged photo studio collapsed.  In hindsight I should have seen this coming.  The studio was nothing but a baby gate leaning against the back of a chair with a white piece of fabric draped over it.  That in itself might have been okay, but I was taking pictures in my driveway, my driveway that has a nice slant to it.

But most of the flowers were okay.  The bigger Asiatic and Tango lilies were beyond repair but everything else (even the vase) survived.  Now the arrangement looked completely different, so after giving the flowers a drink and moving to the grass I caught a few more pictures.


I love how there are four completely different sides.  No matter what room or angle you see it from you see a different set of flowers.

So where do you get your fresh flowers from?  Do you like a vase overflowing with different types of flowers or do you like to keep it more controlled with only one or two types?

xoxo – Manda


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