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Garden Up Date – 1st Weekend of July

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So it isn’t really the first weekend for everyone, but for us it is!  I also realize this isn’t an update as pictures of our garden have yet to get out there on the blog. 

Garden Specs:

The one in the front yard of the rental is about 25 feet long and two feet wide.  It houses a large lily bed along with several different perennials and a few annuals we’ve put in for splashes of color.  It curves around the front steps and includes more annuals on one side and miniature roses on the other.  In a little 1’x1.5’ area next to the garage we ripped out a huge monster of a weed last year and planted some tiger lilies (which much to our surprise doubled and need more space desperately).

In the back yard we added a 6’X3’ raised bed.  Half of it houses ornamental flowers, the other half a mass of tomato and pepper plants (we may have slightly over bought on the first category).

As for the new bloomers…

In the front yard…

The orange tigers:

I’m the one hiding behind the tigers

For the small space we were quite shocked at how well they grew up.

Tomato Soup Coneflower:

So much better than Campbell's

I love the red color.  Situated between hibiscus and sedum plants it’s sure to be quite an eye catcher later on.

Random Oriental Lily:

Not the Salmon Star I was promised, but still an eye catcher

She is gorgeous, and smells divine but her name is unknown to me.

In the back yard…

Fragrant Return Daylily:

A wonderfully buttery yellow was a nice surprise to us one morning last week.


Shhh… you can’t see us!

Yes those huge creatures in front of us are tomato plants; and look at those jalapenos go!


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