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Fabric Frame

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While we were redoing the bathroom at our rental I was having no luck at all finding frames I like.  The bathroom had been painted a light tan and a light brown (stay tuned for pictures of that later).  Similar colors are also on the shower curtain with a green base.  I wanted to find two frames that would hold multiple pictures and would go together.  After searching several stores I could not find what I was looking for, so I decided to make my own.  I ended up covering two frames in a fabric napkin.   Here’s how:

Step One:

Gather your supplies:


Fabric (like I said I used a napkin, but anything from remnants to an old tee-shirt would work)

Staple Gun

Glue (I used Beacon Adhesives’ Fabri-Tac)

Screwdriver/pliers (something to pull out staples that got away from you)  


Step Two:

Lay the frame on the fabric.  Turn over to make sure you like where the pattern on the fabric will hit the frame.


Step Three:

Cut the fabric to size


Step Four:

On the top pull the fabric tight and staple, repeat on the bottom.


Step Five:

Fold one edge over and staple


Step Six:

Repeat  step four and five on the sides.  Turn over and make sure everything has been pulled tight.



Step Seven:

Draw a square.  Make sure there is enough fabric to cover the supports and be hidden

Step Eight:

Cut the square out.  Slit the coroners.  Apply glue and fold flaps back.  You may have to hold it for a little bit until it gets sticky and holds.  Make sure the fabric has been pulled tight.

Step Nine:

Allow to dry. 

Step Ten:

Load up with pictures and hang!!

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