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The Third House

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After looking at four houses, we made our mind up.  The Third House is the one we hope to make ours.  This morning we called the realtor to tell her of our intentions. 

The house is priced at $54,900 and is a foreclosure.  Great news!  However we have to come in with our strongest offer we can (or wish to).  Foreclosures like this don’t happen very much around here and most of them aren’t even close to this good of condition or price, which means there is a lot of competition.  Monday when we hope to make our offer so will several other people.  We are going in strong with an offer of $55,000 and hopefully try to get our bank to agree to close in three weeks instead of four.

Which brings us to another interesting point, our loan is for the multi-family home that we first looked at.  So Monday first thing we have to get ahold of the bank to change the loan.  Hopefully it will be okay, as the plan is to ask for less ($50,000).


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