Our Wolf Den

Honey, I Have an Idea!


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I will post more updates later, but it looks like our offer was APPROVED! *Some major excitable dancing going on over here*

There were other offers on the property so we went ahead and offered $56,000.  Neither one of us wanted to lose out over $1000.

We are on our way right now to add $250 more to the earnest money.  Having a total of $500 was one of the contingences of our offer being accepted, but that’s not a big deal.  After that we have to get all the inspectors and appraiser in, if all goes well we will close on August 16th.

A late birthday present to Wolfy and in plenty of time to set up our backyard as the perfect backdrop for our wedding.

 xoxo – Manda

*more jumping and squealing*


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