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That’s right, we had our home inspection this afternoon!  It went… okay.  We are still moving ahead but there were a few curve balls thrown our way.

The first problems were electrical.  The plugs in the kitchen are not GFI protected but after further investigation they are at the breaker (I didn’t even know that was possible).  The bathrooms are not grounded so there will be a little work there for safety reasons.  The rest of the house has two prong outlets, so no ground anywhere.  We will have to run a few dedicated lines in order for surge protectors to work. 

The next set of problems was plumbing.  The water lines are all galvanized steel that are getting close to the end of their life span.  That is something I’d like to get fixed before winter.  I would rather not ignore this problem and have something go wrong this winter. 

Everything else was cosmetic.  The upstairs was once a separate apartment and has an extra electrical service up there.  That will make life easier if we ever decide to add an extra air conditioner to cool the space.  The AC is 22 years old, but it’s still running good.  No insulation in the second floor.  The second story deck needs some sturdy-ing up.  The fireplace needs to be re-tuckpointed.  New sump pump and basement needs sealed and cleaned.  Aluminum siding needs some TLC.  Plaster has effervescence in the living room. 

All and all: nothing major, just a good sized honey do list.  We will have the report tomorrow to actually go through, this was all from memory. 

Are we brave, or just crazy, or maybe a little of both?

 xoxo – Manda


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