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I Dream of Green

I wanted to address the new siding as you can see it in the header.


September 2012 we refinanced the house with the intent to get new seamless steal siding.  The siding itself wasn’t really necessary.  What was defiantly needed was new soffits and wood trim around all doors and windows.  Those were all replaced and wrapped with aluminum as well to make the house externally look brand new.   It took almost 6 months to get the contractors to finish but when they were done we were left with an awesome green house!

For the record I love sage green homes.  I think they are so picturesque.  I also love red doors so one of the first things we did after getting our siding was to replace our old door and paint the new door red.



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Flashback: Purrrr-fect Place for a nap

While looking though old photos I found these two capturing Chloe’s favorite nap spot when we had the rental – my craft table.




Task 3: Staining the floor


After the floor was sanded and cleaned the next step was to stain it.  The original plan was to keep the floor close to the original color, that mid-red tone was wonderful.  The floor however had a few badly damaged spots.  There was a dark spot in the middle of the living room, the laundry room had lots of damage and upstairs in front of the door leading to the deck was dark showing water damage.  We adapted and went with a darker color. We ended up getting the Wood Classic brand of stain from Sherwin-Williams in a their Walnut Wainscot color.  Below is a link to the product:


Note the stain we used is an oil based stain.  This was done on purpose and actually one of the reasons why we went with Sherwin-Williams.  We wanted that extra durability that comes with an oil based stain.   Wolfy in his past life as a painter felt more comfortable working with a product he was familiar with on our hardwoods.  After all trying to re-stain the whole house is a lot more difficult than trying to re-stain the deck or repaint your walls.

The stain was applied using a sheep skin pad (attached to the end of our long painting rod).  We then put down two coats of polyurethane using a 8 inch roller on the end of the same stick.  Hindsight looking back I would have put down at least two more coats.

But as far as I’m concerned it looks pretty darn good!

100_3732 100_3736 100_3738

 100_3743100_3744 100_3746 100_3747

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Task 2: Strip the floors

The next big project was stripping the floors.  My papaw came to the rescue by renting a floor sander and bringing it along with reinforcements to help make the project go smoothly.


Hindsight is 20/20 which makes blogging some of these project retroactively a good thing.  I can share what worked then and how it is holding up.   My biggest advice to anyone getting ready to redo their hardwood floors at home is do your research.  It is a lot more complex then it looks on HGTV of DIY shows.  So please Google it, go to the library, buy a book or talk to an expert.  Wolfy and I were on a time crunch when we started our project so we jumped right into it with out the due diligence would should have used.


The basic plan we follows was to sand the floor three times with the floor sander and did the edges with a hand sander.  Remember when using sand paper the higher the grit the smoother the surface.  We started with a 40 grit moved to a 80 grit and then finished with 180 grit.  It worked great for the main floor but on the upstairs I wished we would have used wood putty on the floor before we sanded it for the last time.  It would have filled the unsightly gaps that were left.

The upstairs which becomes the master suite

100_1872 100_1873 100_1876


Task 1: Removing the carpeting and laminate flooring

The first night we had the house we came in with bug bombs, set them off and left.  Just to be safe – remember the house had been empty for quite a long time.

Day two of owning our first home was the day the fun started.  Our first task to remove all carpeting, linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom and laminate in the laundry room.  Our time was limited we wanted the floors done before we moved in.

The first step was to score the carpet with a box knife that way it could be easily ripped out and removed.

100_3620 100_3623

The underlayment was left underneath.  I was able to rip that up by hand.


The best part?  You guessed it – pulling up all the tack strips and staples. *eye roll*  Luckily I have a great family who were more then happy to help.

But look at those awesome floors taking shape!

100_3633 100_3636 100_1837

And look at all the trash that came out of the house.

100_3639 100_3669

It took a few days to get it all done.  But man was it worth it.  Tearing out the (used to be) white carpets in the downstairs and the (groovy baby) red shag carpets upstairs helped make the house feel more like ours and got rid of a lot of the old house/crazy cat lady odors we inherited.

100_1839One happy and excited couple.


We are back!!!

Hi how have you been it has been so long!  *hugs* My entire fault I apologize.  In the last three years I have been a bit busy demoing almost everything in our house and over hauling it, getting married, adopting two puppies, new jobs – you know life.

I have decided to restart this blog.  Go over all the changes that have been made retroactively and share the journey with you.  Why the new found resolution to dust off the old blog?  I finally started working on my 2010 scrapbook (www.mixbook.com).  After looking at all the pictures- all the changes I wanted to share with you the journey.

This time you may find more then home improvement ideas.  Don’t be surprised to see recipes (for food and wine), travel reviews and other things that tickle our fancy.

So pull up a chair grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine (depending on the time of day) and join us.  Make sure to sign up for our Email Subscription
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xoxo- Manda