Our Wolf Den

Honey, I Have an Idea!

We are back!!!


Hi how have you been it has been so long!  *hugs* My entire fault I apologize.  In the last three years I have been a bit busy demoing almost everything in our house and over hauling it, getting married, adopting two puppies, new jobs – you know life.

I have decided to restart this blog.  Go over all the changes that have been made retroactively and share the journey with you.  Why the new found resolution to dust off the old blog?  I finally started working on my 2010 scrapbook (www.mixbook.com).  After looking at all the pictures- all the changes I wanted to share with you the journey.

This time you may find more then home improvement ideas.  Don’t be surprised to see recipes (for food and wine), travel reviews and other things that tickle our fancy.

So pull up a chair grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine (depending on the time of day) and join us.  Make sure to sign up for our Email Subscription
on the right of the page.  It will notify you when updates are made.

xoxo- Manda



2 thoughts on “We are back!!!

  1. Life does get so busy! I’m planning our wedding right now while we try to fix up our house and it is pretty crazy! Excited to hear all about the changes you guys made on your house. My fiance and I are noobs at this stuff so maybe we can learn a thing or two!

    • Congrats on getting married. It is stressful but so worth it as well. As for redoing your house take it slow and enjoy and do what you can do yourself not just to save money but to be able to have that pride that say I did it.

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