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Task 1: Removing the carpeting and laminate flooring


The first night we had the house we came in with bug bombs, set them off and left.  Just to be safe – remember the house had been empty for quite a long time.

Day two of owning our first home was the day the fun started.  Our first task to remove all carpeting, linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom and laminate in the laundry room.  Our time was limited we wanted the floors done before we moved in.

The first step was to score the carpet with a box knife that way it could be easily ripped out and removed.

100_3620 100_3623

The underlayment was left underneath.  I was able to rip that up by hand.


The best part?  You guessed it – pulling up all the tack strips and staples. *eye roll*  Luckily I have a great family who were more then happy to help.

But look at those awesome floors taking shape!

100_3633 100_3636 100_1837

And look at all the trash that came out of the house.

100_3639 100_3669

It took a few days to get it all done.  But man was it worth it.  Tearing out the (used to be) white carpets in the downstairs and the (groovy baby) red shag carpets upstairs helped make the house feel more like ours and got rid of a lot of the old house/crazy cat lady odors we inherited.

100_1839One happy and excited couple.


4 thoughts on “Task 1: Removing the carpeting and laminate flooring

  1. Reblogged this on Carpet Call Flooring Options and commented:
    Hard work removing exisiting flooring always pays off. But what a transformation with new timber floors

    • Thank you for reblogging this. It is amazing how much larger the rooms seem once the carpets were removed. Plus with our big dogs it would have been almost impossible to keep carpet clean.

  2. Removing flooring is hard work. We had to do the floor and walls in our laundry room and update the electric. It was well worth it. Now it is almost like my little getaway!

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