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Task 2: Strip the floors

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The next big project was stripping the floors.  My papaw came to the rescue by renting a floor sander and bringing it along with reinforcements to help make the project go smoothly.


Hindsight is 20/20 which makes blogging some of these project retroactively a good thing.  I can share what worked then and how it is holding up.   My biggest advice to anyone getting ready to redo their hardwood floors at home is do your research.  It is a lot more complex then it looks on HGTV of DIY shows.  So please Google it, go to the library, buy a book or talk to an expert.  Wolfy and I were on a time crunch when we started our project so we jumped right into it with out the due diligence would should have used.


The basic plan we follows was to sand the floor three times with the floor sander and did the edges with a hand sander.  Remember when using sand paper the higher the grit the smoother the surface.  We started with a 40 grit moved to a 80 grit and then finished with 180 grit.  It worked great for the main floor but on the upstairs I wished we would have used wood putty on the floor before we sanded it for the last time.  It would have filled the unsightly gaps that were left.

The upstairs which becomes the master suite

100_1872 100_1873 100_1876


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