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I Dream of Green


I wanted to address the new siding as you can see it in the header.


September 2012 we refinanced the house with the intent to get new seamless steal siding.  The siding itself wasn’t really necessary.  What was defiantly needed was new soffits and wood trim around all doors and windows.  Those were all replaced and wrapped with aluminum as well to make the house externally look brand new.   It took almost 6 months to get the contractors to finish but when they were done we were left with an awesome green house!

For the record I love sage green homes.  I think they are so picturesque.  I also love red doors so one of the first things we did after getting our siding was to replace our old door and paint the new door red.


6 thoughts on “I Dream of Green

  1. I can’t get over how amazing the house looks with the new siding (and red door)! The lines are so much cleaner and everything pops. Looks great!

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  4. Do you have any regrets about taking the storm door off the front? I’ve been wanting to tear ours down but I thought we would miss opening up the door during the summer.

    • I don’t. But we never used ours. Our girls (the two big dogs) like to bark at people that walk or drive by the house. So we have always kept the front door shut to minimize on the barking outbursts. Same reason that unless I am taking photos or need a lot of light in the front room we kept the blinds and curtains shut. So to me it was worth having that cleaner look to the front of the house.

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