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Flashback! 2010 The Rented Duplex

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When this blog was born the Wolves still resided in a rented two bedroom duplex we rented.  Over all it was a very nice place.  I think if it had been an option we would have bought the whole unit and rented the other side out ourselves.  Toward the end of our stay we were looking at houses I was buying design magazines and the itch to change and make over was just too great to fight anymore.  There was a small blurb in DIY magazine that made a comment about striping walls horizontally.  This tickled my fancy and I couldn’t keep from thinking about it.  I went back to the magazine and found out to my joy the writer had a blog!  I could see this project in detail.

This was how I stumbled upon Young House Love.  Or as Wolfy always hears about then as, “You know that couple who’s blog I follow the Young House Love one…”.  I think the Wolfman cringes when he hears that almost as much as when “Honey, I have an idea” comes out of my mouth.

Our target room was our bathroom.  It wasn’t large or small just normal sized but it lacked something.  Something that my stick on shower ducks did not add.  We ended up going to Wal-Mart to get paint.  We were working second shift at that point in our life so it was the only place we could get paint at midnight (Shout out to Wal-Mart for keeping their paint department open 24 hours a day!).

100_1403 100_1404

The colors needed to be neutral after all this isn’t a house we owned and while we would repaint it if deemed necessary we wanted to think of it as a gift to our landlord, a nice little update to the bathroom to help the next couple who moved in fall in love.  The decision was made for a to keep the colors a shade and sheen apart.  A light tan in eggshell and a darker tan in gloss.

Imagine our surprise we when got home and started painting and realized the lighter color was almost identical to the one currently on the wall!  Oh well it made sure that the room didn’t look out of place.

The process was simple but did require some math.  We painted the walls with the lighter color then taped off our stripes used a pencil to put an X in each area that needed to be painted with the darker color.

100_1405 100_1406 100_1407

Here is a link to the project that inspired us:


The result was something we fell in love with and made us smile the rest of the time we lived there.

100_1409 100_1411 100_1412 100_1413


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