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slider seating makeover before and after

Not the kind you eat the kind you sit on.  When my parents redesigned their gazebo they had an extra set of sliders that they no longer needed.  Never to turn down furniture, especially when said furniture is comfortable and something we desperately needed, I told them to bring it over.  The sliders have been around for several years.  When they were first purchased they were spray painted green.  After years of sitting outside in the weather, the paint was peeling.  Nothing a couple of cans of new paint can’t fix.

 slider seating makeover (1)

The first thing we did was move the sliders off the deck and onto a tarp (ours happened to be an old table cloth).

 slider seating makeover (6)

The peeling paint needs to be removed. To do this I used a wire brush attachment in my battery operated drill.  You do not need to get down to bare wood just hit all the places the paint is peeling so the new paint can stick.

Next up was to remove all of the wood.  One slat was broken on ours.  Luckily we were able to replace it with a 1X2.  Keep all the hardware safe.  I put ours in a shoe box.

 slider seating makeover (12) slider seating makeover (13) slider seating makeover (14)

Lay the wood out on a tarp.

 slider seating makeover (16)

Then the fun part.  Start spraying.  I used Rust-Oleum in oil rubbed bronze for the frame and red for the wood. Remember lots of light thin coats.  I went through three cans on the frame and five for all the wood – it was very thirsty wood.

 slider seating makeover (18)

Of course Murphy’s Law went into place and it started raining in the middle of the project.  I had to move the wood slats onto a 2×4 to get them out of the water that had pooled on the tarp.

 slider seating makeover (19)

In order to get the hardware paint in the oil rubbed bronze color I applied several light coats of spray paint to them in the shoe box giving it a shake in between each coat.  Some of the nuts did stick to the box but I was able to pull them off.  Because they were going on the underneath I wasn’t too concerned about those.  What I really wanted was for the tops of the screws to be painted the same color as the frame.

After the paint had dried we started to reassemble the slider.  Wolfy helped out and screwed the slats in place for me while I grilled hamburgers.  It did not even cross my mind during the tear down process but the seats are a slightly different size so it was necessary to make sure the correct slats went to the correct seat or else they would not line up.

That’s it!  In an afternoon (or two if it keeps raining on you) we were able to transform our hand-me-down slider into something more our style.  I think the oil rubbed bronze frame really gives it a high end look.  With some pillows from Kohl’s, we are ready to enjoy.

 slider seating makeover (34)

Supplies Used:

3 cans of Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze

5 cans of Rust-Oleum Gloss Apple Red

Part of a can of Rust-Oleum Lacquer White

(if you can’t tell I really like to use Rust-Oleum brand spray paint)

(I partied here.)


9 thoughts on “Sliders

  1. Omg, what a huge difference that made! Love the red! Did not know that there was a wire brush attachment for drills, that would definitely come in handy

    • Thank you. At first the plan was to spray paint the whole thing red to save time. I’m glad we went the extra mile on it. I highly recommend the wire drill attachment. We got it two years ago when Wolfy had to strip the loose paint off the soffit and trim before he could paint it. It is a life saver (or at least an arm saver)!

  2. Doh, used an old wordpress account to comment! haha whoops

  3. You did a great job freshening them up! I love Rust-Oleum spray paint too, it works so well.

  4. Those look fabulous! I love the idea, and so inexpensive! Just in time for summer back yard festivities.

  5. What a difference- these look so good with the new fabric and color!

  6. It never occurred to me to take all the slats out first.. What a difference. Thanks tons for sharing.

    • It added a little bit of time to the project but it was worth it. Otherwise I would have had to paint it all one color, or paint it by hand (which would have taken way more time). Thanks for stopping by!

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