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Custom Door Knocker


I wanted something unique to add to the front door as a door knocker.  We got rid of the wires that went to the old doorbell that no longer worked and needed something else. Having visitors (or pizza guys) pounding on the front door (which a lot of the time we couldn’t hear) just was not working for us anymore.  We bought a plain oil rubbed bronze door knocker at Home Depot to fill the need.  You can view it here:


It was nice but it didn’t speak to me.  So I went to my good friend Etsy and started a search.  I wanted some unique, something vintage or custom.  Something that let you know you were knocking on the door of the Wolves’ lair.

I found:


Custom door knocker

Ironically it was the same door knocker I had originally purchased at Home Depot but now I was able to get it customized!

It was pretty simple to install.  All that was needed was two holes drilled into the door.  Remember to drill from the inside out!  That way the sharp edges the drill makes with exiting the steal (or wood) will be hidden under the door knocker itself.

We did end up keeping the plain one originally purchased, that way when we sell the house we can take the personalized one with us and leave a one that goes with the exterior finishes.


3 thoughts on “Custom Door Knocker

  1. Great idea! I love that it is personalized!

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