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We spent the 4th of July weekend in Williamsburg VA, a 15 hour drive for us.  We stayed in Providence Hall, just behind the Taverns.  It was the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in.  Getting to order room service was a real treat for us.  Also on the agenda was a trip to the beach (Virginia Beach of course we were running low on time and could not get to Buckroe, a favorite of mine), the Air and Space Center, and Williamsburg Winery.  Over the coming weeks you can be sure to see either detailed reviews, or simply our thoughts on each stop.

While reading Young House Love‘s book and marking all of the projects that inspired me number 172 really struck a cord with me.  Basically it says while on a trip buy something for the house, something that will have a memory attached to it.  I love this.  I always buy a magnet when I go someplace, and my fridge makes me smile.  Usually I buy a hat, and sometimes I get a shirt.  But the idea of actually getting something décor related that will have a sweet memory attacked to it really inspired me.  Maybe too much.

Like always, the magnets, shirts and hats for both of us were picked up.  But I also purchased a few other items that will always have me remembering our July trip to Virginia.

The first is this wonderfully playful blue shell wind chime we purchased at a store off of Virginia Beach.  Looks perfect hanging from a hook eye on the deck.

blue shell wind chime from the beach

The next items show my love of pineapples.  Something about them screams east coast to me.

We bought this wonderful welcome sign that adds a pop of color to our living room. You can see a close up and then I pulled back a little to you can see the arrangement on the wall.  This is the first thing you see when you come in the house.  The original plan was to hang the welcome sign with a 3m hook on the front door, but I wanted to be able to enjoy it while hanging out in the living room.

colorful welcome sign

welcome wall, with clock, lily and sign

For the kitchen I picked out a set of dish towels.  I admit I was a little disappointed in them when Wolfy opened the package.  I expected both towels would have a pineapple on one side and stripes on the other.  It turned out each towel only had one design.  After playing around with it I am happy.  We hung them on our oven door where we place dish towels with a sentimental meaning.

pinapple dish

After falling for the Colonial Rummer drink (once we purchase the liquor and figure out the correct proportions we will be sharing it with you) these glasses with pineapples etched into them seemed a perfect match for our home.

pineapple drinking glass with lemonaid

Wolfy also purchased a silver pineapple charm and necklace from the silver smith in Colonial Williamsburg for me.

pineapple silver necklace and charm

We also came home with several bottles of wine (us? buy wine? – who would have imagined!) Once those bottles have been emptied, they have a date with the kiln.  So a project showing them will be posted at a later date.



7 thoughts on “Take something with you…

  1. I’m glad you brought home some jewelry for yourself. That’s an item I always like to include in a travel purchase. We have also brought espresso sets and local pottery back from trips. All the pineapple purchases makes me think your next trip might be Hawaii. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • An espresso set would be lovely. That way every morning when you have your coffee you can remember that special trip away. HI would be a wonderful trip although I think wine country might be on the schedule before that 🙂

  2. To bring home a few decorative items to keep reminding you of a great trip is such a wonderful idea! I brought home shells from Dubai several years ago, which my darling boyfriend and I picked on the beach, and I placed them in this little glass box. I love looking at them, just such a great way to remember all those special moments!

  3. Love it Manda! Work those pineapples! (Oops sorry that could be interpreted the wrong way) I am a total beach fanatic, so I can relate, I had seashells and starfishes placed somewhere in almost every room in our last home. Very cute!

  4. Thanks for linking up to my YHL Book Project linky post! I love your pineapples. You see them a lot here (I live in Virginia too) because they’re a traditional symbol for hospitality. So glad you enjoyed your trip!

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