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Pipe Dream

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I don’t have any pictures, but I did want to let you know more was happening the day the floors were being sanded.  Once we got possession of the house and turned on the water we learned something.  Those galvanized steel pipes that we were warned about during our inspection would not need to be replaced down the road – they needed to be replaced now!  That is if we wanted those fancy modern conveniences like running water.

Thank goodness Wolfy knows people.  He was able to get three of his buddies – licensed plumber buddies –  to come over and run new copper lines to the kitchen and bathroom downstairs.  They also installed a gas tankless water heater which I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to replace their old water heater.  It is amazing!  You never run out of hot water!  I can take a long shower, then Wolfy can take a long shower, and there is still warm water left over.  Best part, we are not paying to keep 50 gallons or so of water hot all the time.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the guys that came over and saved our day!

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One thought on “Pipe Dream

  1. Of all the house systems I never miss anything more than running water. Thanks for comments on the water heater. I’m not in the market presently but ours is bound to go out sooner or later. Does yours have a brand name? Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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