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Tetris for adults


before and after backsplash

Adding a backsplash is a great way to add a splash of color and personality to your kitchen.  We looked for months and I finally found a glass tile mosaic that excited me enough to bring it home.  Wolfy was more than a little hesitant at first.  I ignored his concerns, taped the tile sheet to the backsplash, and we lived with it for several weeks.  Once it had grown on us both (even him) we went to Home Depot and picked up two boxes of tile.


Those boxes sat in the corner for far longer than I care to admit.  I was hesitant to pull the trigger.  Tiling floors doesn’t bother me, but I had never tiled a vertical surface, used tiles that are attached to mesh, worked with mosaic tiles, or used the tile saw to cut glass with.  I kept finding excuses not to use the tile and other projects that needed to be finished first.  In fact, I had them all ready to go back to the store to replace them with those large 2 X 4 plastic panels that look like old tin ceilings.

But I was not going to let the tile win.  I would conquer it!  I am woman, hear me roar!  So I did what I think anyone in my position would do.  I called my mom to come help.

The first step was to dry set the tiles.  This process lets you see how the tiles will fit together and foreshadows any possible issue.  After taping up the sheets, I decided I did not like the look of the 4 inch backsplash that matched the counter top.  Luckily for me, it was not a solid piece like the sink.  I was able to run a box knife between the counter and the backsplash and between the backsplash and the wall to remove the caulk.  Then, using a pry bar, I was able to gently remove the backsplash from the wall.

glass backsplash

dry setting tile sheets

Then I could start mixing up my mortar.  When mixing mortar, you want it to be the consistency of creamy peanut butter.  Using the glass tiles, it was very important that white mortar was used, or you would be able to see it though the tile.  Then you need to set the tile sheet against the wall.  Press over the tiles evenly to make sure it adheres well.  Every now and then when tiling, I like to pull a tile up to make sure the tiles have good adhesion.  There is nothing worse than having tiles pop up after a few months.  The tile should be tough to pull out of the mortar and the back should be evenly covered.


Please ignore the loose painters tape that was used to hold the wires for the under cabinet lighting up.


Cutting is the trickiest part with these glass tiles.  My Papaw took care of that and made every cut needed.  The other part that was a pain was resetting the outlets and light switches so they were out far enough so the switch plate would rest over the tiles.

There you have it!




11 thoughts on “Tetris for adults

  1. Wow, what a project! But the results are amazing too. Yay you for doing it yourself!

    Hey, thanks so much for stopping by the other day. Means a lot. 🙂

  2. It looks great! Good for you for tackling a project like this. My husband has done a lot of our tile in all our homes, but I was the “helper” and usually just wiped the grout off. : )

    • Thank you, it is the opposite way at our house when it comes to tiling. I have tiled everything that needs it and Wolfy comes behind me to wipe the grout haze. It is whatever works for you guys. I know at that point and an super glad to have some help.

  3. Great job! Good call about removing the old backsplash. I don’t want one in our new kitchen and Charlie just doesn’t get it. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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