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Wine Down Wednesday – Villa Jolanda Moscato and Peach


Welcome to Wine Down Wednesday where Our Wolf Den will be reviewing and offering some of our opinions on the wines we are drinking.  As this is our first “Wine Down Review” I want to go a little bit more in depth to discuss the format of these posts.


All wines that are given a review are scored using the UC Davis 20 Point Scale.  As this can be subjective and this is only a hobby for us the scores will be averaged between what Wolfy scored and what I scored.  We will not be disclosing any of the finer details in why we scored them the way we did.

Please note that just because a wine received a low score doesn’t mean it is a bad wine.  There may be some flaw, something not quite balanced, something in the clarity but that doesn’t mean the wine isn’t very enjoyable.  What you want to pay more attention to is our overall impressions.  Would we finish the glass, finish the bottle, would we buy this wine again?


The first wine is one we brought home from our trip to Virginia.  We purchased it at Williamsburg Pottery mostly because of the bottle.  I wanted to melt the unique design.  Don’t judge that we still buy wine for the bottles, we have found some very good ones we may have never tried that way.


Villa Jolanda Moscato & Peach

Price: Right around $11

Score: 13.25

Manda’s Tasting Notes:

  • Lots of peach in the nose
  • Almost overwhelming peach taste
  • Slightly acidic
  • Over all a very enjoyable wine great for a hot day spent with friends on the deck

Wolfy’s Tasting Notes:

  • Pleasant, enjoyable sparkling peach
  • Moscato taste overwhelmed

Overall, we finished the bottled that night watching TV.  Very enjoyable and would buy again.


I challenge you: find this wine, share it with friends, and let me know your opinion.

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3 thoughts on “Wine Down Wednesday – Villa Jolanda Moscato and Peach

  1. Very cool! We love our vino too! Even more awesome that you are using the UC Davis model. Try the Muirwood Chardonnay if you get a chance at total wine (11.99) steal pf a deal! So many wines not enough time!

    • I will keep an eye out for that. I think we confuse a lot of people by the wines we like. Depending on what we are doing (a meal, sitting on the deck, watching TV and eating popcorn) we will drink vastly different wines. From drys to sweets. Our reviews will try to reflect all of those different tastes.

  2. What a fun theme for posts! I do love a good moscato. I also still buy wine based on the bottle/label. 🙂

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