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Honey, I Have an Idea!

Come paint with me…


before and after living room paint 2

before and after living room paint 1

For some reason both Wolfy and I were hesitant to pick a paint color and go for it.  Months before we actually got around to painting we found samples of colors we liked and painted small areas to see if we could love it in the room.  While we did, we just never carved out enough time to paint it.  Maybe it was the efflorescence in the corner of the living room that was supposed to be so hard to cover, or the cracks in the bottom third of the plaster in several places.  Either way, we lived with our graffiti in our sample colors for months.


(Don’t worry Wolfy’s first name is Kent, there isn’t another man in my life.  I actually use both names an equal amount of the time with a few Wolfmans thrown in.)

The colors were picked from our Sherwin-Williams swatch book that we had color matched at Menards in the Dutch Boy brand of paint.  The colors are Network Gray and Great Green.


Notice as we went around the room we did not paint the bottom third.  Also, we didn’t cut in around the crown molding.  We had plans for these areas so it seemed pointless to waste the time and paint on it.  The bottom is slated for bead board and the crown molding needs to be beefed up.  That skinny molding isn’t doing the room any favors.








As for the efflorescence, we just painted over it.  In three years it has not made a reappearance.  When we covered it we understood it may have been necessary to repaint that section every year.   Lets keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way.  Although, after three years, it may be about time to freshen up the paint with a new coat anyway, we will see.


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