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Storage in the oddest places


While spray painting the sliders, I had an idea.  Wolfy had emptied the cabinet under the sink to work on some plumbing. I realized our system of just shoving everything under there really wasn’t working anymore.  I threw away and combined what I could.  I then took three shoe boxes outside.  Since I had the spray paint out, I gave them a coat of white paint.  Remember thin coats and keep moving.  Once they were dry, I moved them under the sink and filled them up with bottles.  A much better solution.  For maybe 10 minutes of work, our sink area became a whole lot easier to use.  You could also cover the boxes with paper or fabric if you have some.  Or even leave them plain, after all, who else really looks under the sink?





8 thoughts on “Storage in the oddest places

  1. Hahaha, I am the QUEEN of shoebox (and other misc cardboard box) storage. Never thought about painting them though! That does make them prettier and less shoebox-y

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