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Small change – huge impact


Remember when we painted we left the bottom third of the room untouched?  That is because we wanted to add some details to the house (actually we were stumped on how to fix the cracked and damaged plaster walls and this was the fix).  Honey, I have an idea!  Let’s do bead board panels on the bottom third.  We can add a chair rail on top and baseboard on the bottom!  And that is what we did.

The bead board paneling we used was very similar to this product from Menards.  The chair rail and baseboard came in the standard primed builders pack.


The install was pretty simple. I will have two sets of directions for you: the way we did it, and after living with it for three years, the way we would have done it.


The way we did it:

  • Measure, cut, and finish nail baseboard to the wall.
  • Set bead board on top of baseboard.  Measure and mark any cuts needed.  Use a Multi-Tool (or as we call it at the Den the Vibrating Tool).  Apply some liquid nails or similar product to the back of the panels, we actually used Loctite Trim & Paneling Construction Adhesive.  Install the panel to the wall and use finish nails to hold in place.
  • Measure, cut, and finish nail the chair rail on the top edge of the bead board.
  • Caulk and paint (still haven’t done this yet).


Now, for how we should have done it.

  • Measure and cut the bead board to fit the first section of wall.  Like stated above apply an adhesive to the back and finish nail in place.
  • Measure, cut, and finish nail baseboard to the bottom of the bead board flush with the floor.
  • Measure, cut, and finish nail chair rail to the top of the bead board.
  • Caulk and paint.


It looks nice.  It really does.  There are issues.  For example, where we set the bead board on top of the baseboard looks a little off.  Also, the edges are starting to get dinged up on the corners.  While I stated how it should have been done, if I knew a Doctor that had a time machine and could get a do over, I would have board and batten installed instead. I would have put MDF on the bottom third of the walls and used 1X4s as decorative touches.


Here are some good tutorials on board and batten from Ana-White and Young House Love.


There are a ton of other great ones out there: here is a link to a Google search for board and batten.


So, will we redo ours?  Maybe, maybe not.  It really depends on how it looks once I get around to caulking and painting it.  I hope we can live with it; there are better things for my marriage than telling Wolfy we are going to rip this out and start over.


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14 thoughts on “Small change – huge impact

  1. It’s so cool that you took pictures during your remodel so your readers can get a “fast forward” kind of experience. 🙂 Interested to see what came next.

  2. I agree with Yvonne here, I find it so great that the next step in the process is just around the corner and that we get to read about every step of your renovations! Love reading your blog!

    • Thank you! It will go at a more real life pace once I get caught up. I really enjoy being able to offer advice looking back on the projects at how well they have held up.

  3. BEAD BOARD! Swoon! Love all the bead board! You’ve got my heart going at crazy rates…that’s just too much excitement for this bead board crazed blogger!

  4. you might find it doesn’t look as off once you caulk it! i find it covers mistakes and gaps pretty well!

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