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Gut Job


Did you notice that two family members were missing during the kitchen backsplash post?  Wolfy and my dad were in the house, but they were not helping us.  Instead they were upstairs gutting the bathroom!


It was supposed to be a pretty simple job.  Take out the toilet, shower, vanity, and done.  Instead, after some quick measurements, it was determined that the shower we had already purchased would not fit in this space.  After a quick conference, it was decided that the bathroom would need to be expanded.


Next to the upstairs bathroom was a small room that looked like it used to be a bedroom.  The layout is very strange.  There is a large open area that at one point used to be a living area. Due to the way the power is laid out (and the odd cabinet) the added on dormer looks like it used to be a kitchen. Evidently the upstairs used to be either an income or mother in law’s suite.


The guys did a pretty good job I’d say.  It took almost a year for us to get from start to finish on the upstairs master suite.  Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing all the ups and downs with you.

8 thoughts on “Gut Job

  1. We gutted our bathroom too, although we didn’t expect to. I am so impressed that you decided to expand!

    I had the same problem with our shower not fitting. When I did the measurements, I expected that we could move the toilet over — that was the plan, but I was told that would cost more than I wanted. So, we flipped our shower to the opposite side of the wall, ran the plumbing there, and it worked for us. 🙂 I didn’t blog about it, but your hindsight blogging is inspiring me to consider it.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the results!

    • Thank you for your kind words. We were not brave enough to move the toilet. Some things I just don’t want to deal with *smile*. It was a good think we expanded. The original floor plan only had less than a foot between the toilet and the showers that was there. You should blog retro actively! It is so fun to remember all of these events. It makes me a little sad I didn’t take as many photos that I should have.

  2. Wow that is intense! Both you girls have way more guts than me (haha get it?), a gut jobs is a little intimidating! Baby steps I guess! Not that we really have any rooms that I’d like to do a complete gut job on, but I would like to one day change the vanity in our bathroom. The problem is the tiling was built around it I think, so I’m a little worried about removing it. I just need to keep reading about intense gut jobs and my someday vanity switch won’t seem so intimidating!

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