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Don’t you hate it when your faucet costs more than your vanity?


The first upgrade done to the downstairs bathroom (other than new tile floors) was to remove the pedestal sink and replace the vanity and faucet.  I don’t have any pictures of the process but it is pretty simple.  First you want to turn off your water.  Then disconnect the supply lines and the drainage lines. Make sure you have a bucket handy to catch the water that will come out of the drain!


Then you can pull the old vanity out and install the new one.  Then you just reverse the process and hook up the drainage and supply lines.  Stop the sink fill it up and check for leaks (three times!).  Make sure to read the directions that come with your new vanity and faucet.


We had to move one of the support bars in the back of the vanity because it was in the way of the plumbing coming out of the wall.

Both the vanity and the faucet were purchased at Home Depot.  There was a sale running on the vanity so it ended up costing less than the faucet.  But wow talk about a difference!


7 thoughts on “Don’t you hate it when your faucet costs more than your vanity?

  1. Our faucet cost more than our pedestal sink, as well, but we considered it a deserved splurge. I love the combination and do not regret it though! So to be clear, this is the downstairs bathroom, but the upstairs bathroom was the one that was expanded?

    • I guess it is kind of confusing. This post was about the bathroom downstairs. We changed a lot in it but we didn’t take down any walls move any plumbing etc. The other bathroom that the “gut” post about is the upstairs one. That is the one that was expanded. It should get a little bit clearer in post later on both bathrooms take on complete different looks, but I will try to make sure I am clearer about which bathroom the post is talking about.

      I am so glad we splurged on the faucet, I absolutely love it. I think it adds a very high end feeling to the room.

  2. This combination looks great. For me everything costs tooooo muh-uch. I’m having fun following your projects. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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