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Wine Down Wednesday – Prince Michel Merlot-Cabernet Reserve



This is another wine we brought back from our VA trip.  We happened upon this by accident when a gentleman from the winery was giving out samples at Williamsburg Pottery.  Of course we couldn’t say no.  We liked this wine enough to bring it home along with another.

Prince Michel Merlot-Cabernet Reserve

Price: Right around $15 on their website

Score: 13.75


Manda’s Tasting Notes:

  • Deep in color
  • Lovely nose
  • Cabernet really shines through
  • Smoky Merlot in mouth, balanced very well with the Cabernet’s fruit
  • Balanced tannins

Wolfy’s Tasting Notes:

  • Nice dark color,  slightly cloudy
  • Light fruity nose
  • Full mouthfeel
  • Overall pleasant wine

I will admit that I scored this wine higher then Wolfy did.  I also enjoyed it more.  As for how we stand on dry reds; I prefer Chambourcin and Cabernet Sauvignon. While Wolfy likes those, he tends to gravitate toward Norton and Merlot.


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6 thoughts on “Wine Down Wednesday – Prince Michel Merlot-Cabernet Reserve

  1. Andy and I have different tastes in wine too. We use a cool little app called WineQuest which gives you predictions about whether or not you’ll like a new wine (AND you can link another person’s profile to yours) so when I’m stuck in the store, I just put in wine names until both of us have >80% score. Hasn’t failed us yet!

  2. Love reading about your Williamsburg, VA trip. and your wine tasting. My mother-in-law and I would make yearly trips there to the pottery factory before she developed Alzheimer’s. Haven’t been back since they put in the new shops but plan to get there real soon.

    • Aw that such a sweet memory. My love of Williamsburg came from a trip I took with my mom 5 years ago. It was the perfect trip and the last one we took before I moved out on my own. You won’t recognize the pottery factory, it is huge and modern now. It is spread out like three strip malls. We went to one and got overwhelmed, I’m sure it would be awesome if you had more time. We were exhausted by that point. Thank you for stopping by and sharing with me!

  3. Thanks for linking up! I love a good cab and my husband is finally learning to love red wine too! We enjoyed a malbec and a zin last night – mmmm!

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