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Grouting,  an eye opening experience.  Your tile looked good before (you can see our freshly tiled kitchen here) but once you grout it looks finished.  It goes from “Hey I did a pretty good job” to jaw dropping.

Please excuse the quality of the photos.  Going back though my photo albums, it looks like the only pictures I took were cell phone ones.  Oops.

If you remember, my family helped me tile.  There was much debate when I told them I had bought black grout.  “No!” they said, “You have to use a nice crisp, clean white.”


Gah, all I could see was spaghetti sauce splattering and staining my grout if I used white.  I wanted the black I knew it would tie in with the black appliances. I had the vision that they were lacking.


The grout ended up being a dark grey.  After mixing the black grout, I realized the texture was wrong.  It was way too thin.  Of course I started this project after the hardware stores had closed so I had to improvise.  I had an extra bag of white grout in the basement, so I added just enough to get my grout to a creamy peanut butter consistency.


Grouting is pretty simple.  If you used glass tiles or have very small spaces in between your tiles (like our kitchen floors here) you want to make sure you use unsanded grout.  For glass tiles, this will not scratch the surface, and for tightly spaced tiles, it will be easier to fill all the gaps.  Then you use your float to press the grout into the tiles, going across the gaps in a 45 degree angle.


Once all the spaces are filled, you then want to go over the tiles with a damp sponge.  You are trying to remove the haze, but you want to be careful to not remove the grout from the spaces.  Don’t try to get it completely clean: you won’t at this stage.  The next day you will have to come back and clean the rest of the haze off.



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15 thoughts on “Grouting

  1. You know, I have yet to grout our kitchen tile. Haha. Probably because I have yet to finish cutting the itty bitties that I didn’t account for when I rented a wet saw. I like black grout, it’s all we have in our house, and all we’ll continue to have (once I get on cutting itty bitty stainless steel tiles :/)

  2. This looks great! I’m usually a fan of white grout but I really like how the grey grout looks with the tiles you chose!

  3. Our grout is deep green, almost black and we love it. Good choice.

  4. Great improv on the black/grey grout. Thanks for the tutorial. New grout even spiffs up old tile (which is what we have at our house). Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • Thank you. If you don’t want to remove the old grout you can always paint it. I know it sounds odd but there are paints out there for that purpose. My parents painted the grout on their kitchen floor and it turned out really nice.

  5. Thank goodness you did not go with the white! The black/gray looks chic!

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