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Mood Board – Green, Blue, and Brown Living Room


I love thinking about new spaces.  It is so fun to imagine what you would put where.  So, instead of changing the rooms in my house around three times a month, driving up our paint budged to astronomical proportions, and making Wolfy wonder just what he got himself into, I have decided expel that creative energy on mood boards.

green blue and brown living room mood board

Please click on the item numbers below to find out more information about each item.

Items 1 & 2:

The mood board above starts off with two Sherwin-Williams Colors Cascade Green (SW 0066) and Creamy (SW 701).  Cascade Green is a nice neutral and the whole space could be painted with it.  I, however, imagined it being used as an accent wall paired with the Creamy to really brighten up the living area.

Item 3:

The next area is the hardwood floors.  I like this rich wood tone, without being so dark it is hard to keep clean.

Item 4:

The area rug carries through the cream and green, but also adds blues and browns.  This is our stepping off point that will help us determine accent colors throughout the room.

Item 5:

The sofa with the lounge is a very comfortable place to cuddle with your loved ones and watch a movie.  I like big expensive pieces of furniture in neutral colors.  That way, if and when you change your mind on the room color 3 years down the road, you don’t have to buy a new sofa if it is still in good condition.  However, ignore those plain and boring pillows

Items 6 & 7:

Turn your attention to these pillows.  They will add a pop of color and a ton of fun to the room.

Item 8:

An entertainment center for your TV is item 8.  I like the bright color of the doors at the bottom.

Item 9:

Great blue curtains to add a pop of color to the walls.  Notice how I have hung curtains up on either side of the TV on the mood board.  This is a great way to hide your TV from view when you are having guests over.  Simply hang curtains on a rod in front of the TV the same way you hang them over the windows and no one will know the difference.  Most people won’t even think that the wall the TV is on is actually against the bedroom.

Item 10:

A wonderful storage ottoman that can be used for a coffee table or extra seating, depending on how you are using the room at a particular time.

Item 11:

Item 11 is a coffee table with more seating and storage capabilities.

Item 12:

Every room needs a tall floor lamp.

Item 13 & 14:

A pretty green table lamp is paired with a more rustic woven shade.

Item 15:

A great print from All Posters will really tie the room together.  To save money, you can always order the print and then make your own frame out of chair rail or rustic barn wood.

I hope you enjoyed the mood board.  I really enjoy creating these.  However, a real room is much more fun.  Having to deal with existing features (rug has to stay, weird lay out, can’t get a new sofa, etc.) or a person’s personal preference (hate the color green, really like fish, etc.) makes the design more challenging.  So, if you have a room you are stuck on, or would just like a fresh set of eyes, contact Our Wolf Den.  I would love to help.  I need at least a few pictures of the room, the rough dimensions of the room, any furniture that has to stay, what you don’t like, and what style you are looking for, and I will do my best.


I am partying here.


4 thoughts on “Mood Board – Green, Blue, and Brown Living Room

  1. I really like the rug you chose! Such fun colors without being unsophisticated.

  2. This will make one lovely living room. 🙂 I’ve never used a mood board before, maybe because I don’t know what the individual furniture pieces will look like until I make them. What is the charge for a Manda mood board? 🙂

    • Thank you! I really enjoy making them. It is a great way to get some designing out of my system (although the one I am working on for next week has me itching to clean my guest bedroom out and get started). I you love to make one for you if you have a room you are stuck on. I am just doing them for fun right now but if you have some ideas send me an e-mail at haynes . amanda . j @ gmail . com no spaces of course and I can work on something for you. Just remember the more details you send me the more detailed I can get (love room sizes that way I can do a furniture lay out). Thanks for stopping by!

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