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Types of Vino Wall Art


I am so excited.  I have been working on several projects for Wolfy’s birthday.  Now that it has past I can give you a rundown of some great gift (and decorating) ideas.  I will be sharing these projects with you over the next couple of weeks.

The first project I tackled was to add some wine art to our living room.  I went searching on All Posters to find the perfect prints.  I ended up purchasing four (three for Wolfy and one for myself) and today I am going to share the first project I tackled.

I purchased this print.  I loved the graphic letters and knew it would be perfect for our living room.  I didn’t want to just have it framed, I wanted to do something a little more special.  I decided I would mount the print onto a board.  A trip to Home Depot later I found a 2’x4’ piece of ¼ inch MDF for right around $7.  I also purchased a test container of Jet Black Glidden paint and a can of spray polyurethane.  What I really wanted was the water based product that is similar to poly but I could not find it.   While normal poly has the tendency to turn yellow overtime I think it will be okay for this project.

The first step was to cut the wood down to size.  The print is 16×20 so I cut the board roughly 24×20.  The goal was to create a large matte behind the print.


Once the board was cut, I hit the edges with some sand paper and used the Jet Black paint to cover the MDF.  I painted the front and the edges, making sure to apply it very thick.  Once the paint was on evenly, I ran my brush down the board to create even paint lines that were visible.


Once happy with the look, I stuck the print directly into the wet paint.  Making sure it was centered, I pressed the print down to get all the air bubbles out.  Next time I would use a paint scraper or squeegee to make sure all the bubbles were removed.  I did end up with one once it was dry, but it is hard to notice unless you are looking for it.


Once the paint was dry I applied several light layers of poly until I was happy with the shine.

Then, all that was left was to figure out was where to put it on the wall.  I used a level and then small finish nails in the corners to attach the piece of art to the wall.


Personally, I am exceedingly happy with the way it turned out.  Wolfy was really impressed with it too, so that made my day.



Notice the fabric covered frames?  Here is the how to on those.

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7 thoughts on “Types of Vino Wall Art

  1. I like how this turned out! It looks much better than just a poster on the wall and more unique than a frame. I will keep this in mind for when I have a poster to hang.

  2. I LOVE the way this turned out!! Very nice!

  3. Perfect. I love this idea, it looks so much better than in a frame. Very clever. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. Love how you did this. It look like real art vs just putting it in a skinny frame. I’m visiting from House of Hepworth’s . Have a great day.

  5. Happy Friday! My Friday Flash Blog linky party is live @ The Jenny Evolution – a flash mob of blogs where you share your favorite posts of the week. Hope to see you there — you may just get highlighted next week!


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