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Wine Down Wednesday – Baroda Founders Chardonnay


Baroda Founders Chardonnay 1

Baroda Founders Chardonnay

Price: $20

Score: 13

Baroda Founders Chardonnay 2

Manda’s Notes:

  • Yeasty
  • Heavy
  • Oaky but tart
  • Slightly smoky

Wolfy’s Notes:

  • Bright, sparkling gold color
  • Soft
  • Yeasty
  • Tart
  • Beer-y
  • Light Finish

Overall, not our favorite Chardonnay.  If you like beer, you will most likely enjoy this wine more than we did.

Baroda Founders Chardonnay 3

If you have tried this wine, let us know your opinion.

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3 thoughts on “Wine Down Wednesday – Baroda Founders Chardonnay

  1. It all looks good to me! I love white wine!

  2. Hi Manda and Wolfy (oh and gang) Very interesting all the building and remodeling you’ve been doing so far to your place and good to know that you take a little break to enjoy the good things in lfe…I love whites! Thank you for the description…very helpful! I’m looking forward for more reviews so I started following you on FB and Bloglovin, You guys have a great weekend!

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