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Supplying Us with Water


In the future master bathroom it was now time to run the plumbing.  Everything has been gutted and the sub-floor has been removed in the correct places to allow for drainage.

The day started on a hectic note for me.  Once Chas and Tevie (Wolfy’s licensed plumber buddies) arrived.  I was told the wall in the guest bedroom needed to have the plaster and lathe removed so the supply lines and new drainage could be ran for both bathrooms.  This would have been a pretty simple project if it had been drywall, but our house is older than both of us combined and has plaster and lathe in the downstairs.  So Chas armed me with a sledge hammer, explained how much room they needed, and set me to it.


It was fun, I’ll give it that, but damn… not having time to set up a plastic barrier to keep the dust down left us fighting a dust battle I’m sure we haven’t won yet (over a year later).

New copper pipe was tied into the water supply lines in the basement.  This piece of copper formed a trunk which we attached the Eupidor to.  Eupidor is a similar product to Pex Tubing.  It is a flexible supply line (colored in red for hot and blue for cold).  The supply lines for both the sink and shower were ran up through the walls using this flexible tubing made the process so much faster.  I would highly recommend using this.  Once the supply lines were in the bathroom they connected to copper lines with a compression fitting so the shower, tub valve, vanity, and toilet supplies are in copper stability.


Supply lines were also added to the down stairs bathroom’s vanity and shower to get rid of all the corroded galvanized steel that wasn’t allowing water to flow the way it should.


Two inch drainage was ran and then connected to four inch pipe – all PVC.


This started the downward path on the bathroom.  Once the plumbing was done, I knew where I stood.  Everything else was finishing touches. (I’ll even include the drywall as a finishing touch here).

A big thank you to Chas and Tevie!  Without their help the bathroom would have taken a lot longer!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Supplying Us with Water

  1. Looking forward to those finishing touches, but I remember how critical the plumbing part of our much much smaller gut job was. 🙂

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