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New lighting in the downstairs bathroom


Installing a new ceiling light and fan

Our downstairs bathroom needed a lot of work.   So far we have tackled a few projects, but there were still some major issues.

The one I was most concerned about was the lack of a vent fan.  I knew, without this fan and no window in the room, moisture could cause us problems.

So, while rewiring the bathroom, we ran power to the switch to power the fan and light combo, with each on a different switch so they could be turned on and off separately.  The switch also operates the vanity light which we raised.


We also moved the box to be further away from the sink, and added a GFI outlet.


I didn’t take any pictures, but the fan is now vented outside the roof.  Wolfy ran flexible duct work from the fan, through the ceiling, into the attic space behind the upstairs bathroom.  From there, we cut a hole in the roof and attached an automatic opening vent, which allows it to vent when the fan is on and prevent outside air entering when it is off.


Pretty good picture of the new light behind me.

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3 thoughts on “New lighting in the downstairs bathroom

  1. 🙂 Glad you got your new vent fan in. (What a nice sage green shower curtain, too!)

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