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Providence Hall


Until our trip to Virginia, I had never stayed in a really nice hotel.   A nice hotel was the Hilton to me. Treats were staying at nice bed and breakfasts on weekends away with Wolfy (which we have only done once). On our trip to Colonial Williamsburg, I wanted to stay in the action, I didn’t want to drive; I wanted to immerse myself into our vacation.

I booked our room three weeks before we left (I actually only decided to take this trip three weeks before we left).   However, I was able to get us a room at Providence Hall at the Colonial Williamsburg Inn.  I also booked us for the romance package, which included breakfasts, a carriage ride, and a surprise in our room.  This was a special occasion after all, our 5 year dating anniversary.

We left from work Wednesday night on the 3rd and drove straight through.  Supper was potato chips and breakfast was skittles.  We arrived at the main office to check in around 8 in the morning.  They had a room already available for us, and after a meeting with the concierge (concierge, seriously!), we were lead to our room in another building.

We parked in a shaded lot, out hotel was in between a tennis court and a duck pond.  The bell hop lead us to our room.  We entered the building and then went down a set of stairs.  I will admit, at this point I was freaking out.  I spent this much on our hotel and they were putting us in the basement?!  I tried to stay calm as he opened the door to our room.

Wow, jaw dropping perfection; huge room, king sized bed, and a wall of windows.  Only they were not windows.  It was a huge glass sliding door that led out to a private patio.  Talk about perfection.



Champagne, strawberries, and cream were delivered to our room that night before we left for the fireworks.  We put them in the fridge to enjoy later.



We learned the joys of room service, and had breakfast delivered to our room every morning.  And on Friday, exhausted from the beach and walking around all day, we had them bring supper to the room as well.

room service

It was a perfect vacation.  The only problem was it was not long enough.  But what vacation ever is?



2 thoughts on “Providence Hall

  1. Is it terrible of me to have noticed the copious fries and bacon in your meals? Perfect vacation sounds right to me. 🙂
    I especially love the card welcoming you to the 18th century. That idea alone makes me want to swoon. And the carriage ride… wow. 🙂

    • Not terrible at all. I couldn’t believe how much food they gave us for each meal (sure we paid very well for it but dang it was a lot of food!). We completely forgot about the diet and just enjoyed while we were there something everyone needs to do once in a while.

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