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Wine Down Wednesday – Rapidan River Riesling

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Rapidan River Riesling

Price: $13

Score: 11.5

Rapidan River Riesling 1

Manda’s Notes:

  • No nose
  • Thick and sweet
  • Floral notes
  • Almost bottle shocky

Wolfy’s Notes:

  • Beautiful light sparkling color!
  • No nose or bouquet
  • Soft, flabby, heavy on the tongue
  • Nice sweetness
  • Simple flavors
  • Improving as it warms (may have been over chilled)

Overall something was off with this wine.  We tried it in VA and it was amazing.  Maybe the bottle had been opened longer, maybe it was slightly less chilled, either way this was not the same wine we tasted.  I would hesitate before purchasing this wine again.  If I had a change to taste it again and it showed as well as it did the first time I could be talked into it.

Rapidan River Riesling 3

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