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New Bedroom Window


While we were working on our master bathroom, we noticed that our bedroom needed a lot of work as well.  We wanted the upstairs to be a relaxing retreat, and it just wasn’t cutting it.

The first step was to deal with our deck.  We came up with three options:

  1. Leave everything as is.
    • This wouldn’t work however.  We could ignore it for a time, but the deck was improperly built and a safety hazard.
    • If we just shored it up, it was actually too shallow to really be enjoyable, and I couldn’t see over the railings.  This plan was tossed out the window.
  2. French doors leading out to a new deck.
    • This sounded absolutely picturesque to me. We could sip our coffee out on the deck in the mornings or leave the doors open at night and gaze at the stars from our bed.
    • It was going to be expensive.  We would need a French door and the materials to build a deck.  Was this more than we wanted to spend?  Especially with having to take care of the dogs, would we actually spend that much time on the deck?
  3. Demo the deck and add a huge window.
    • It would get rid of the safety problem.
    • It would also allow a lot of light into the bedroom and really open it up.
    • We wouldn’t be wasting money on a deck that we wouldn’t use.


As you can see, we went with option number 3.  It helped that we scored the window at an obscene discount.  The huge 5 x 7 foot widow was only $200 at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  It didn’t take long to realize, this was meant to be.


The first step was to remove the front railing from the deck to make it easier to pull tools up.  Wolfy tackled this while waiting on his nephew to come help.


Once reinforcements had arrived, they took out the old windows.


A view from the inside as they torn down all the horsehair board walls to remove the insulation and get at the studs.



Once that was out of the way, it didn’t take them long to remove the siding.  Looking better already, I say!


With the door gone, look at all that light!



Demo was done; it was now time to build.  They started by putting up a header to frame out the window.



Once the framing was done, they used plywood to sheet the external wall.


After much debate, they decided to take the glass out of the frame and carry it through the house.  The aluminum frame was just handed up.



Once the frame was screwed and caulked in place, they were able to start weather proofing the house.  They didn’t worry about reinstalling the siding, as we were planning to get that done in the near future.


You can get an idea of how the inside was starting to look.


This was the same weekend that Wolfy’s plumber buddies were over to help out.  So, without water that Saturday night, we started demoing walls.  I will share those pictures with you soon, but I wanted to let you know there isn’t a better picture of the new window from the inside.

6 thoughts on “New Bedroom Window

  1. It looks like you have a beautiful view out of that window!

  2. I am continually impressed by you guys! You undertake such big projects!! I think the big window was the perfect choice and it looks awesome!

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