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Wine Down Wednesday – Wyldewood Cellars Traminette

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Wyldewood Cellars Traminette

Score: 17.75


Manda’s Notes:

  • Sweet
  • Fruity
  • Tangy with a good balance
  • Lack of the typical Traminette “Sizzle”

Wolfy’s Notes:

  • Good, clear golden color
  • Fruity, Gewurztraminer nose
  • Well balanced, slightly tart flavor
  • Soft, smooth finish

Overall, this wine doesn’t have the typical flavor Traminettes have, which for lack of a better term, Wolfy and I refer to as a “Sizzle”.  This floral note isn’t something I like, so this is the best Traminette I’ve ever had.  I highly recommend trying it, especially if you like Rieslings on the slightly sweeter side.


We paired this wine with our Chicken “Scampi”.

Have you tried this wine?  Do you like Traminette?  Or, do you prefer its parental varieties?

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One thought on “Wine Down Wednesday – Wyldewood Cellars Traminette

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