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Patching the Master Bathroom Sub Floor


Not very glamorous or fun, but the next step in the Master Bathroom process was to patch the subfloor.  All in all it is a pretty simple project to do.  We measured the holes in the floor and then drew this out onto ¾ inch plywood.  Using a circular saw ,the pieces were cut out, put in place, and nailed down with a nail gun.


When patching the subfloor, you need to make sure you take out enough of the old floor so both the new wood and the old wood are on a joist.  Otherwise, you will have a weak spot in the floor.


The other tip I have is to make sure you know where all the water lines are.  I got over excited with the nail gun while Wolfy was at the hardware store and managed to puncture one of our new flexible lines.  After a panicked race down to the basement to shut the water off, we were able to pull up the subfloor, slice the Eupidor, and install a compression fitting.  The subfloor was re-installed, using more control this time.


One project closer to a finished bathroom!

So, does anyone else want to confess any similar mishaps (or rat their loved ones out)?


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3 thoughts on “Patching the Master Bathroom Sub Floor

  1. I had to patch one area of subfloor in our living room 9 months ago. It was my first time using a jigsaw to cut out the soft subfloor, and to be absolutely honest, to this day I don’t know if I secured it correctly. One of our sofas is placed over that spot and the floor has held up so far. I guess I’ll just have to see if I’ll be patching that same area of floor again in the future. =D

    • That’s the good thing about DIY I think… you can always redo it! It is a pain sometimes, but it is what you have to do to learn sometimes. I knew we were putting tile down on this so I did my hardest to make sure it was as secure as possible.

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