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Replacing the Overhead Florescent Light in the Kitchen


The main light in our kitchen was a large fluorescent fixture.  Neither of us liked the look of it, but I did like how much light it threw out.  After we installed the new pendant light, and saw how much light the LED blub threw out, we decided it was time to change the fluorescent light out.


On a trip to Menard’s, we found a chandelier that matched our pendant light.  We came back home to a power outage. Deciding this was a sign, we made sure the switches were off and started to change the light out.


The first step was to remove the plastic cover.  Oops, we cracked it… now we have to make the new light work.




We started taking the screws out of the wooden box.


We took the bulbs out and then removed the metal that covered all the electrical connections.


At this point, Wolfy was able to remove the fixture from the ceiling.


Big, ugly fixture gone!  Oh look… now you can see the original color of the ceiling.


While Wolfy was removing the old light, I started to put the new light together.



I also did all the wire prep, so all Wolfy would need to do is connect them.





And there you have it!  With the chain, it is a little low.  In the next few weeks, we spent a couple of hours fixing that.


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3 thoughts on “Replacing the Overhead Florescent Light in the Kitchen

  1. The new light looks nice! 🙂 It’s truly amazing what a change of light fixture can do for a space.

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