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Wine Down Wednesday – Saint Genevieve Winery Strawberry Wine

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Strawberry wine

Saint Genevieve Winery Strawberry Wine

Price: $10

Score: 12


Manda’s Notes:

  • Oaky strawberry noise
  • Slightly thick & heavy almost cough syrup like
  • Very little strawberry color

Wolfy’s Notes:

  • Vibrant orange strawberry color
  • Bouquet missing
  • Oaky, light on fruity flavors
  • Past prime enjoy <1 year old

I really do not believe it is the wine’s fault it showed badly at this taste test.  It simply was past its prime.  Not all wine ages well and this is one that is meant to be drunk young.  We picked it up when we vacationed in Saint Geneviere in July of 2011 had it been enjoyed in a year I know our tasting results would have been vastly different.  I remember a very interesting strawberry, interesting due to the amount of oak that was used.

I really would recommend this wine but do drink it within a year of bringing it home.


Has this happened to you?  You save a bottle of wine for a special occasion only to find out it should have been enjoyed earlier?

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