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Adding Faux Beams, Lights, and Fans Upstairs


Our bedroom was hot and dark.  There were only two lights in the whole room.  One was over the stairs, and the other was in the addition, in front of the new large window.  Both of these lights were on two different switches.  We wanted another light/fan combo, and for all the lights to be on the same switch.  We also needed to cover the support beam that we installed when the walls were opened up.


To keep from having to crawl through the attic to wire the new lights, we decided to add faux beams throughout our master bedroom.  (Excuse the mess.  We just crawled out of bed and got to work.)


After we marked out where we wanted the beams to be, we nailed 1 x 6s to the ceiling.  Have I mentioned how much I love my pneumatic nail gun?   The way I feel about it may be unhealthy.



Once the boards were on the ceiling, we started to run the wires.  Using wire staples, we corralled the wires in the center of the board.



Here is a close up of the spacers on the beam, so we could add the facing boards.


Next, 1 x 4s were nailed to the 1 x 6s that were installed earlier.



More 1 x 6s were installed in between the 1 x 4s, and the fans were wired and installed.


Personally, I absolutely love the beams.




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2 thoughts on “Adding Faux Beams, Lights, and Fans Upstairs

  1. How cool! I wanted to add beams to our master bedroom as well, but not for any functional purpose at this time. =D Haha.

    • You should! They really do look good. If you don’t like the rustic feel that mine have you can add crown molding to them once they are installed. We wanted to do that in our living room but got in a big hurry to have the crown installed before our house got appraised so we never got around to adding the beams. It is also such a great way to get power ran without having to deal with cutting into the ceiling.

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