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New Railings Upstairs


The railing around the stairs in our master bedroom was more than a little scary.  Two things about them really bothered us.  The first is that it was low.


As in, the top hit me mid-thigh, and I’m short (5’2”).  At this point, our master bathroom was coming along, but we were having to, and used to, having to go downstairs to use the restroom and shower, which terrified me at night.  I was afraid Chloe, our kitty, was going to trip one of us and send us hurtling down the stairs.  Second, the railing wasn’t sturdy at all.  You could shake it and the whole thing would move.


We also didn’t like how the railing was in the middle of the window.  That really seemed odd to us.


So, we started to work on a plan on how to fix it.  The plan  was to frame a half wall out of 2 x 4s and then dry wall over it.


The wall would be pushed out to the other side of the window, fixing that problem, but it left us with two more.  What were we supposed to do with the awkward spaces we created on either side of this wall?


Under the window, we went with pre-built cabinets.


Those would add a ton of extra storage (which we need).  The top would then be covered with 3/4inch MDF, so it appeared to be a solid built in.


On the opposite side, we decided to make a storage closet.  Again, adding much needed storage.  This is where we hid the attic access when we had the insulation blown in the attic.


We also ran power in this half wall.


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3 thoughts on “New Railings Upstairs

  1. Well I think you came up with a good solution to the stair issue. Falls can and do happen. We went to a birthday party a couple of years ago and railing there was freaky. The posts were spaced far enough apart that a child could have fallen through to the first floor and my baby would have had I not seen it.

    I agree with you about the wine tasting. But when you have two young kids and a hubs who would be annoyed at drinking water while I drink wine, we settle fot bringing a good bottle home from the store.

    • Railings can be a scary thing. We don’t have children but we have always planned to sell this house so we wanted to make sure whatever we were doing would keep the resell value up.

      I am glad you got to take some wine home with you at least!

  2. Oh, what an intriguing solution. Looking forward to seeing it complete. 🙂

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