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Horror Hound 2013

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The Wolves are nerds, and we wave our flag proudly.  I have gotten to the point that I just don’t care,  I want to enjoy what I am passionate about and surround myself with people who share those interests, or at least a few of them.  So, I hope you will join us as we geek out about the Con we went to over the weekend.

On Saturday, 9/7/13, we took a trip to Indy with our buddy Gaston.  We had tickets to Horror Hound.  Now, I am not a big fan or horror movies.  In fact, I had a slight freak out in the “Haunted House” (which was a tent full of all the old movie monsters) when we walked by the Mummy.  But for a $20 ticket  it was a pretty good way to spend the afternoon.

And an actor from one of our (by our I mean Wolfy, Gaston, and my) favorite movies of all time – but we will get to that later.

Come join us as we walk through Horror Hound and talk about a few of the highlights, but first let’s talk about the cosplay.

What is cosplay?  Basically it is dressing up to go to these cons.  Some are simple, others are very elaborate.   So who did we go as?

Manda – Merry Gentry from the Merry Gentry books by Laurell K. Hamilton.

The outfit was pretty simple.  I tried to coax my hair into curls, and then wore a green and brown paisley silk dress and heels.  I applied my make-up thicker and lighter than normal, wore as much jewelry as I could, and used a make-up brush to apply green mica from my soap making supplies to my face, neck, chest, and arms to give my skin a fairy world look, after all Merry uses a glamour to appear human.

Wolfy – Went as The Doctor!  Doctor Who?  The 4th Doctor from Doctor Who – confused yet?  I hope not.

Another simple costume.  Dark brown corduroy pants, a white dress shirt rolled up to the elbow, and the classic scarf.

Gaston – Our buddy Gaston went as Scorpion from Devil’s Carnival.  His style and Scorpion’s are very similar.  In fact, if it wasn’t for the red scarf and the make-up, I wouldn’t have known he was in costume.

The con was located in The Marriot East, and was contained into four ballrooms.  It was packed with people, both dressed up and in normal clothes.


There were a ton of vendors selling masks.  I snapped a photo of this mask.  Any one recognize it?  It is the Silence from Dr Who – quick, make a tally mark on your arm before you forget you have seen it.  The classics were everywhere also.  Next to the Silence is a picture of the Wolfman.

DSC_0059 DSC_0067

Season 4 winner of Face Off, Anthony Kosar was there taking pictures with people and signing items.  I think he was set up as a vendor though, to sell his masks.  All other actors were charging to take pictures with you or for their autograph.


The line to meet the actual actor that played Freddy was huge.  We happened to find a Jason and Freddy doing a free photo shoot.  Gaston was super excited.

DSC_0070 framed

The whole reason we took this trip was to meet and speak with Barry Bostwick.  Who is he?  Well, to us, he is and will always be Brad Majors from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (yes, we are major RHPS fans… it is kind of scary).  Barry was a super nice guy.  More than happy to sign the DVD cover we brought with us “Kent & Amanda, Don’t Dream It Be It, Barry Bostwick” and pose for photos.  I think we all were a little star struck.  Wolfy informed Barry that he has been yelling at him for 31 years now, and Barry wanted to know if he always responded the same way.  Incredibly nice guy is all I can say about that experience, other than it was worth it just to see him.

In other RHPS news, we picked up an original press booklet from one of the vendors.


As for vendors, there were booths selling all kinds of stuff.  While masks were predominate, there were posters, T-Shirts, lots of art, toys, you name it.  We did purchase several things, which being from a Horror Convention will mostly be Halloween Décor, so I need to find some supplies to round those projects out, then they will be posted.  But, two things really caught our eyes.

Gaston loved, and bought, a “Fight Club” bar of soap.  Anyone know what this is about?  Neither Wolfy nor I have seen the whole movie (I think all we know about it is that the only rule is not to talk about it) and we didn’t want to bring down Gaston’s excitement by asking him to explain the soap to us.


I found a mask vendor that I loved.  All handmade leather masquerade masks.  We did end up purchasing a his and hers wolf mask.  Hopefully, we will find a masquerade party to wear them to.  If not, there is an art project in their future.



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  1. My husband and I are nerds as well, although we grew up as fairly low-key video game nerds. I’ve attended an anime convention once and dressed up as Kai in the game Heavenly Sword because she’s one of the most unique characters I’ve played. My husband “made” me watch RHPS because he was appalled that I had never seen it. I joked that I thought I was scarred for life. =D How funny to think October is right around the corner; looking forward to seeing your his and hers masks!

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