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Tile for the Master Bathroom Floors


Once the Ditra was laid in the bathroom, it was time to put some tile down.  I will warn you, if you use the same Ditra we did, you will go through a lot more thin set than normal.  The recesses will need to be filled all the way.  Other than that, it is tiling like normal.


Using the same process we did in the kitchen, you want to apply the thin set to the Ditra, use a notched trowel to smooth it out, and then lay your tiles.  Every now and then, pull the tile up to make sure it is adhering well.


When we originally purchased the materials for our master bathroom reno, we did not know we were knocking down a wall and expanding the bathroom so much.  So, I did not have enough of the large 18×18 inch tiles I had originally planned to put down.  I was super disappointed.


The brown 12×12 inch porcelain tiles we went with actually looks like sandstone in person.  There is also a nice sparkle that the camera didn’t capture.


After the tile was laid and grouted, we moved the vanity in, just so we could start to see the vision of the completed bathroom.


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2 thoughts on “Tile for the Master Bathroom Floors

  1. Love that you used a stagger pattern for your floor tile. =D So cool to get a sneak peak with the vanity in place!

    • Thank you. It is still amazing to me to look back on these pictures and remember what we started out with and the mess we made to finish it. I should have the reveal up in three weeks. But right at this moment I am kicking around painting it again. *grin*

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