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Dry Wall in the Master Bathroom


drywall in masterbath

The master bathroom is slowly starting to take shape in front of our eyes.  Once the plumbing was done, it was all downhill.  With the floor done, it was time to turn our attention to the drywall.  We did not use concrete board; instead we used a green water resistant drywall.


It went up like normal drywall.  Which I find harder than it should be.  I will gladly tile all day long by myself (and I have – twice in this bathroom), but for drywall I call in reinforcements.  My parents came over to help with the drywall.

It worked pretty well.  Measurements were taken, my mom and I cut the drywall to size and Wolfy and my dad hung the drywall in place.  Looking back on it, I wish we would have hired the mudding out.  We just never spent enough time doing it to have it look great.  That is my big tip of the day.  Hire out the mudding, you will be doing yourself a huge favor.


In the picture below, notice the wall that is sticking out into the room that doesn’t have drywall on it yet?  That is the original bathroom wall.  Boy was that room small!  We ran power into this wall on a separate circuit so we would have the power necessary in the future to run baseboard heating upstairs or install in-floor heating.  Right now, I think I want to use it to power a heated towel rack.  How nice would that be, to have nice fluffy warm towels?  That, and can you imagine putting your clothes on it before work in the morning on a cold winters day?  Heavenly!


The shower needed a bit more than just the green drywall.  I installed a Ditra waterproof membrane.  Like the stuff under the tiles, this membrane will keep the water out of anyplace it shouldn’t be.   It was very easy to apply.  The Ditra Set was mixed up (like thinset but made for the Ditra products) and then the membrane was laid across it.

It is very important to make sure there are no air gaps behind the membrane and that the Ditra Set fully covers the back.  The tiles will be installed directly on top of this membrane, so it needs to be securely set to the wall.  Note that the membrane is also overlapped in the corner.

I cut an X in the membrane to allow the pipe and valve to come through.  This is a leak point, so it is very important that it is sealed with caulk.  We again went with the Ditra brand that was recommended by the Bath Show Room we purchased our Ditra from.


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5 thoughts on “Dry Wall in the Master Bathroom

  1. I totally agree about the mudding. The people who do it well are artists. I wish it were me (and you) but sadly we should hire someone. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • A friend of ours came and dry walled on of our walls after the blown in insulation blew it out. It is amazing what he was able to do with that wall. You would never be able to tell it was sticking out 3 inches in the center!

  2. I have to make some mudding repairs in our bathroom this weekend. :/ Whomp, whomp. One year later and one line of mesh tape is slightly falling away from the wall. It seems our floating shelves are leaning forward from too much weight (and not enough support) and is tugging on the mud tape. I actually never finished screwing the shelves in, so, hah, looks like I’ll finish that task this month!

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