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Soft Close Damper for the Kitchen Cabinets


A few months ago we found these while wandering around Home Depot.  They are soft close dampers for cabinet doors.  We bought one bag of 4 (right around $10) to try these out.  Wow!  These things are amazing.  No more slamming doors.


They are installed in the top corner of the cabinet, next to the door.  After fighting with the enclosed screws, we ended up pre-drilling all the holes.


There it is once installed.  It was a fairly easy project, but has made a huge difference.


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2 thoughts on “Soft Close Damper for the Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Ooh, that might be something we need to look into when our cabinet doors are finally delivered! (Hopefully before next year :/)

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing!

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