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Painting the Master Bedroom


After debating color choices for the upstairs bedroom purple ended up winning out at Wolfy’s request.


To give the space clear areas around the bed and the front of the closest to designate the “sleeping area” we went with a dark purple. Personally I love this color. It is such a nice rich soothing color.


You will have to excuse the mess these pictures were literally taken right after we got done painting – remember this was last year when I had all but forgotten about the blog – sorry (at least the bed is made *smiles*)!


One more shot of the closet where you can see the finished tile in the bathroom.


The other walls were painted a light purple called Amethyst Haze. I am on the fence about this color, always have been. Wolfy likes it which is why I have left it alone for a year but I will admit there currently is another swatch of color on the wall. I’m thinking of going toward a nice cool gray where the light purple is now.


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6 thoughts on “Painting the Master Bedroom

  1. For a minute I thought we had the same chest of drawers (see item on the link). http://charlieandjo.wordpress.com/2013/01/17/the-new-master-list-for-2013/
    Your bedroom is looking good. So cool that you and W picked purple.
    Aren’t things supposed to be messy while you’re creating? Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • That looks really similar! Mine needs some work, Chloe (the kitty) likes to jump on it and has scratched it up from her back claws.

      Thank you! I really love that deep dark purple, it is such a soothing and relaxing color.

  2. Purple is a sneaky color, but one that I don’t see often used in popular design, so it is refreshing. =D Blue shades are my personal favorite, but we have so little blue in our house and so many touches of dark purple! Haha. Not sure how that happened, since black and electric blue are my husband’s favorites. We’re working on this blue tragedy.

    Is purple your husband’s favorite color? What paint color were you leaning toward?

    • His favorite colors are green then purple, mine are orange then green – so we do a lot of things in green (like our downstairs living room and the fact I always dreamed of having green siding). I went back and forth between wanting something light and airy like a white or grey so I could punch up the color with art or if I wanted or a deep saturated color like we went with although I was thinking green (but we have too much in the house) or a deep rich burnt orange color. I just couldn’t find samples that looked right up with the lighting in there.

      Any suggestions on light grey for the light purple walls? I have a few samples of Moonshine up and it looks great on the one wall we had to patch and is just drywall but for some reason I think it has a bluish cast over the purple paint, maybe I just need to give it a second coat.

      • I’ve heard about Moonshine, although I’ve not tried it myself. We have medium – dark grays on our walls, so I am afraid I don’t have too much experience with light gray, except for our kitchen/living room ceiling, which I mixed (Thundercloud Gray and white).

        • Yeah, I’m kind of stuck to. I have Network Grey from SW in my dining room and love it but it has a blue tone to it as well that I’m not really looking for. Plus it is more of a saturated color then I am looking for. Oh well, I will find it eventually and let you know!

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