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Master Bathroom Reveal


master bath reveal

Welcome to our Master Bathroom!  The only room in the house we completely gutted! There are still some minor things to do.  Some areas need touched up, others need caulked, but here it is.  Although, I will admit after living with it for year, I am kicking around painting the warm caramel colored walls.

Just to remind you, here it is before:

100_1882 100_1883 100_1881

And now, the after:








The Master Bathroom Journey:

tiling the master bathroom walls drywall in masterbath master bathroom tile ditra

patching the sub floor water supply swiss cheese sub floor gut job


5 thoughts on “Master Bathroom Reveal

  1. You did a ton of work and it looks great! I love your cat – what is it with cats wanting to be on the counter in the bathroom?? Mine are the same way.

  2. Love the glamour your accent tiles add to your bathroom and the softness of your curtains. 🙂 The lights are cool, and your bathroom looks so spacious!

    • Thank you! Combining the two rooms made the bathroom almost stupid big, but I absolutely love it. While there are things looking back I’d change now whenever we think about buying a new house to start the reno over my thoughts are always do I like the new location enough to give up this room.

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