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Halloween Décor – Blood of the Vine


Happy October 1st!!!  I am always excited for the fall.  The weather starts to cool down.  The fall colors start to come out.  Sweaters and boots are back.  It is cool enough to relax around a fire outside.

It is also time to start decorating for fall and Halloween.  I always love decorating for this time of year.  Halloween is so fun and the fall colors are my favorite.  I love the oranges and deep reds.

Every year at Halloween, I love looking at the little haunted houses.  To me, these are always so neat, but for the price (and fear of ending up with hundreds of them) I have always stayed away.  But this year while shopping at Menard’s, I couldn’t turn down this one… a haunted winery.

hallween decor blood of the wine 1

I set up a small Halloween scene under our TV with the Blood of the Vine Winery, a string of orange LED lights, and a piece of coral.  What a way to start the season!

hallween decor blood of the wine 2


3 thoughts on “Halloween Décor – Blood of the Vine

  1. How perfect! =D Ooh, I’m a self-proclaimed sweater nerd and do wish we had colder weather here in Hawai’i. Errg. This just motivates me to save up some money for a fall holiday with my family to the east coast someday (because we “tropical-blooded” would be popsicles during winter).

    • I think I could get over not having the cool fall weather to live in HI like you!! I still want to go visit there badly, eventually one day I’ll get there. Although if I had to choose I’d probably pick a trip to Europe over HI… if I have to fly might as well make the most out of it!

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