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Adam Puchta

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On the Saturday of Labor Day weekend we took a trip to Hermann Missouri to hit a couple of wineries on the Hermann Wine Trail.  We only went to three wineries so keep a look out for posts either about the wineries or spotlight posts on the wine itself.

The first winery we hit was Adam Puchta.  It was $5 a person to try 16 wines (one wine was tried at room temperature and then again chilled) and 7 food pairings (which were just small little chesses, crackers, or cookies).

The wines were good, the server only on her second day didn’t know a huge amount about the wine, and to me the ambiance left a little to be desired but we had a good time, found some wines to take home, and even purchased some art for the house.

I would recommend a visit to this winery if you are in the area, but wouldn’t recommend taking a special trip just for it.

All the descriptions below were taken from the Adam Puchta’s website.

adam puchta

Vidal Blanc

The aroma of a spring time garden, a subtle bouquet of pear with citrus fruit characteristics comes alive with baked chicken, roasted duck and smoked foods. Superb with shrimp, lobster, or scallops. Fresh basil and garlic are two spices that complement this fine dry white. Serve chilled.



A light oak complexity finishes with a hint of spice. This clean crisp dry white wine exhibits rich flavors of green apple and pear. Excellent with seafood, baked Brie or mild French cheeses. A true hit at any celebration or quiet dinner for two. Best served chilled.


Adam’s Choice

With our semi-sweet Germanic style white wine, one would swear they just crossed the Rhine River to get here. A crisp blended wine great for those hot summer picnic days, or perfect on the porch with cheese, fruit and crackers. Adam’s Choice makes a great gift for that special someone, regardless if they like Polka music or not.



A luscious, semi-sweet white wine bursting with the essence of peach, strawberry and kiwi fruit, finishing with a sweet crisp citrus taste. This versatile wine may be paired with spicy Mexican, Cajun food, even Indian with curry. Very tasty with lemon chicken or lime shrimp, hey you can even switch the combo. All this and it comes in a pretty blue bottle, too!


Misty Valley

A sweet white dessert wine with a soft floral nose. Clean, fresh and fruity. Perfect with cheesecake and will turn you upside-down with pineapple upside-down cake.



A medium bodied dry red wine with a lovely background of cherry and spice. Made complete with just a pinch of oak. Characteristic of a Sangiovese. Legacy will complement heavy cheeses, as well as supply a perfect companion for red meat and game. Best served at room temperature.


Hunter’s Red

A velvety semi-dry red, medium bodied and non-oaked with a mild floral nose. A fun wine to pair with many Italian foods, peppery/spicy BBQ, hearty stews, venison and summer sausage. A choice red wine to cook with, especially when making those wonderful Italian tomato sauces (caution…more wine should go into the sauce than the cook!), great with pizza, too. Best served at room temperature.



This sweet red dessert wine has a full concord nose with rich blackberry jam characteristics. Great over vanilla ice cream for your adult float or mix with sparkling grape juice – viola – your afternoon spritzer. Our number one selling red wine … take a sip and you will see why!


Jazz Berry

If you are a chocoholic you are sure to love Jazz Berry! A fruity sweet wine with intense bouquet and taste of fresh raspberries. Served chilled with desserts made with dark chocolate, creme brulee, custards and even over ice cream. Jazz Berry with chocolate, what could be better? Hmmmmm……


Berry Black

Oh my darling…anyone with family roots in rural Missouri will recognize this wine as being part of the rich heritage of Missouri winemakeing. Produced on family farms by the first wave of German wine-growing pioneers in the Hermann area in the 1850’s, this wine exhibits the natural sweet fruit and berry characteristics of freshly picked blackberries as they explode in your mouth. Yummy!



The elegant enticing aroma of this dry full bodied Rose’ evokes the scents of raspberry and pineapple guava. Inspired by the tradition of old world Rose’s, it makes a great companion to grilled chicken, soft shell seafood or spicy Mexican cuisine. Handcrafted for the adventurous at heart. Serve slightly chilled. Salud!



The wine divas will dance on tables; Bacchus will reel; and Odysseus will set sail once again…, all for the love of Traminette. This aromatically floral, mineral rich, semi-dry wine is evocative of jasmine tea, honeysuckle, rose, peach and kiwi. It will refresh on warm summer eves, delightful with dessert or make a great companion to spicy cuisine. Serve chilled, enchante.



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