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Faux Tin Ceiling


It has been a while since the last post about the downstairs bathroom.  When I left off we had just installed bead board on the walls.  The next thing we turned our attention toward was the ceiling.  The ceiling was originally blue, and after we installed the new light/fan combo had a very large hole in it.  As we pondered our options we decided we wanted a dark metallic tin ceiling.  But tin in the bathroom, probably not a good idea with humidity and all, and tin is expensive.  Not that our bathroom is huge but it was too high of an expense to justify.

Thankful we found the answer to our quest in the form of 2’x4’ plastic ceiling tiles from Menard’s.  Armed with several cans of oil rubbed bronze spray paint this is what we ended up with:


The project was unfortunately harder than anticipated.  We thought we could use the leftover paneling adhesive we had for the bead board on the ceiling.  Uhh… no.  Not strong enough and not fast enough to set up.  In order to get the first 2 pieces up Wolfy used the finish nailer every 4 inches.  Not only was it taking a long time and very tedious.  The nails didn’t always want to go into the old “horse board” ceiling.  One even went through Wolfy’s finger.  We called it a day after that.

And we didn’t touch it the next day, or the day after that.  In fact the bathroom sat like that, with two panels up, still a huge hole in the ceiling for several months.  Until I took a trip to visit my parents (who live a hour-ish away) and Wolfy decided he had had enough.  Armed with the correct type of glue/caulk (I highly recommend talking to the people at whatever home improvement store you frequent to see which product they recommend) and the pneumatic finish nailer to tack the edges in Wolfy finished the project that afternoon.

And it looks wonderful!


There are a few spots that need touched up with paint, crown molding needs to be installed, the cabinet we ripped out behind the door needs to be address, the door needs shaved down so we can add a transition strip, the whole room needs to be caulked, and painted, but it is coming together.

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3 thoughts on “Faux Tin Ceiling

  1. This looks great. I thought about doing this in my kitchen, but decided to move instead!

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